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It's time to find out who really is the best driver on track.

What is Trakker?

Trakker is an app designed for analyzing racing data, making use of it in new and exciting ways.

Our main feature: Bracket Circuit Racing, scores your racing performance, creating a new way to compete with other racers

How to Use Trakker

View Data Summary & Save for Comparison

Bracket Score represents how consistently fast you are.
-The lower the score the better your driving performance
-Your fastest lap is used as a “bracket” to compare your laps against.
-The closer your other laps are to your fastest lap the better your score will be.

Grace Score is similar to Bracket score, but corrects for (X) number of slowest laps from the racing session
-It removes your slowest laps so they don’t affect your score, see your potential at your best
-Use this functionality to adjust for pit stops, racing incidents, and to change the difficulty of competition
For fair competition we suggest:
-(In spec racing) Give each driver a fixed amount of Grace laps
-(In mixed class) Each driver earns a grace lap after completing a set number of laps. (Ex. One for every Seven laps)

Add Laps & Enter Data

They allow for a new form of competitive racing: Bracket Circuit Racing (BCR)
The scores not only gauge your race session performance, but are best used for comparing/competing with other racers. This allows for:

  • Cars of any kind can compete with each other, regardless of class or speed
    • Ex. Spec Miata vs Open wheel vs Kart vs Prototypes vs Motorcycles, etc.
  • Scores depend on the performance of the driver, not their position on track.
  • Lap amount is flexible, 5 laps or 100, any amount can be compared with another
  • Difficulty is adjustable with the Grace System
  • The only required constant is the race track due to the unique traits of individual circuits

Bracket Circuit Racing is as flexible as you want it to be. Any circuit race, whether real or virtual, can be augmented by BCR. Events can be set up with amateur drivers in home-built cars, followed by professionals in homologated racecars. BCR can run as a supplement to a standard raceday, or in a track attack style format on it’s own. Events could even include an unlimited class that would truly have no limits! (Ultralights, heavy weights, track specials, Fan cars, extreme designs, specialized powerplants, etc.)

The Next Stint - Where Trakker is going

  • Easy manual entry of racing data
    • On Smartphone and Computer
  • Analysis of racing data: Fastest lap, average lap, total time.
    • Bracket Circuit Racing functionality w/ Grace Laps
  • Screenshot Lap data and Data Summary for ease of sharing
    • Allows for comparison between friends and competitors
  • Data Storage Capabilities
    • Pull up & Save past race sessions, compare results
    • Session Notes: Track, Car, Conditions, Date/time, Pace notes, etc.
    • Racer profiles: log in to database
  • Compare Data with other users in application
    • Competition with Bracket Circuit Racing is simpler.
  • Event Creation: Administration tools for custom events
    1. Invite racers to race events in app
    2. Collect/Compile race competitor data
    3. Compare event data across sessions and racers
    4. Convene: Fans and racers can search/discover events, view racing data, check on favorite drivers
  • Integration with Racing Data providers (My Laps for instance)
    • Remove need to manually enter racing data
  • Facility Administration
    • Racetrack general information
    • Leaderboards of Racer Scores and times
    • Integration with Event Creator system
    • Support features for Track owners/managers
  • Advanced Analysis
    • Sector times/optimal laps
    • Live Scoring of Bracket Circuit Racing
    • GPS integration & track maps
  • Bracket Circuit Racing Series
    • Racing at different speed classes (as per lap times)
      • Mesh vehicle types where possible
      • Street cars, Classics, Motorcycles, Homebuilt track cars, Factory supported teams
      • Grassroots/Amateur/Professional levels of competition, meshing where possible
    • Ultimate Class Racing
      • Ultralights, heavy weights, track specials, Fan cars, extreme designs, specialized powerplants, etc.

The Impact of Trakker

Trakker has great potential to help the racing world and all that grows from it.

Trakker is going to take people like you who love racing to develop it fully. This is made to be more than a datalogging app. We want to enhance racing's competitiveness, improve your own driving skills, help connect with other racers, and get more people into racing! It's going to take people like you to spread the word. We've shown you many improvements we have in mind and we'll need your help to make them happen.

You can show support for Trakker first off by using it! Find what makes Trakker handy and useful to you. We want to improve enjoyment of racing as a whole as best we can. So contact us below to give feedback and suggestions to us. Support us financially with a donation. Share us with friends and racers on social media, with your local and online car communities and on the track itself.

Trakker is for you, it's made by racers for racers. Let's make racing better. With your help, racing can be more than it’s ever been, while keeping all that’s made it great. Man and machine, showing what their capable of.

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